Hygraph and datrycs: Elevate Your Composable Commerce Experience

Explore how datrycs, in collaboration with Hygraph, streamlines content management through a GraphQL-first headless CMS, enabling fast, scalable, and flexible digital experiences.


datrycs and Commerce Layer Partnership

Hygraph is a GraphQL-native headless CMS that empowers teams to build digital projects faster than ever. This platform facilitates the creation of structured content workflows to deliver content across multiple channels.

By supporting a fully composable architecture, Hygraph enables seamless integration with other modern tools. It provides developers with powerful APIs, webhooks, and development features, making it an ideal choice for agile environments. Worldwide, developers use Hygraph to craft compelling content that enhances digital experiences, allowing brands to combine their storytelling with robust, scalable technology for global engagement.

Hygraph integrates smoothly with eCommerce platforms like Commerce Layer, enriching content management capabilities to boost global sales efficiency.

At datrycs, we are dedicated to advancing modern content management solutions that are aligned with Composable Commerce paradigm.

Hygraph's capabilities aligns with this approach by enabling us to select and unify various "best-of-breed" content services into a tailored system that meets the specific needs of each client.

Their GraphQL-first headless CMS allows us to integrate seamlessly with other platforms such as eCommerce systems, digital asset management, and analytics tools.

This adaptability helps to construct a bespoke content architecture that is fast, scalable, and future-ready, ensuring that our clients can swiftly respond to market shifts and emerging trends.

By integrating Hygraph, we guarantee that our clients benefit from a powerful, flexible platform that bolsters their capacity to innovate and sustain a competitive advantage in the digital landscape.


Composable Commerce acceleration

Key Features

Why choose Hygraph?

Here are key features of Hygraph which align perfectly with our commitment to delivering top-tier content solutions:

  • API and Core Features: Hygraph provides superior API capabilities with comprehensive GraphQL support, enabling advanced data manipulation and seamless integrations across platforms.
  • Content Modeling: Allows for the creation of complex and highly tailored content structures, featuring flexible modeling and reusable components to adapt to various business needs.
  • Editorial Features and Content Management: Enhances editorial workflows with a feature-rich interface that supports batch operations and custom roles, facilitating efficient management of large-scale content operations.
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM): Offers advanced DAM capabilities including global CDN support and SEO optimization, ensuring efficient and effective global content delivery and management.
  • Content-Centric Approach: Prioritizes sophisticated content management and delivery over traditional CMS constraints.
  • Flexible Content Modeling: Easily adapts to diverse business requirements and custom content workflows.
  • Future-Ready Infrastructure: Supports scalable and extendable builds for evolving digital experiences.
  • Optimized Performance: Features high-speed, lightweight GraphQL APIs for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Robust Developer Support: Provides comprehensive documentation and a collaborative community for developer guidance and support.
  • Free Tier Availability: Allows for cost-free development and experimentation with a generous free tier to foster innovation.
  • Cost-Effective Scaling: Offers a scalable pricing model designed to grow with your business needs and success.

Real-World Success Stories

Why brands chose Hygraph:

  • Dr. Oetker: Chose Hygraph for its ability to enhance the digital consumer experience through a flexible MACH architecture, enabling dynamic content delivery across global markets.
  • Samsung: Selected Hygraph to improve customer engagement by developing a robust content infrastructure that supports personalized digital experiences.
  • AutoWeb: Utilized Hygraph to upgrade its technology stack, creating an SEO-optimized website that enhances user engagement and drives higher traffic.
  • Booking.com: Leveraged Hygraph for its Technology Playmaker Awards site, valuing the platform's robust GraphQL APIs and intuitive user interface that streamlined management of diverse content types, including user-generated submissions​
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